These tutorials are free for you to print and use. Please respect the work that has gone into creating them,
however, and do not share them without proper attribution or sell them in either print or digital format.


The Improved Minky and Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial

I call mine the “improved” tutorial because I use a slightly different method of measuring and pinning my pieces that results in a better-looking binding. This is a flexible method that can be adapted to many different sizes and types of fabric. Click on the “Learn More” button, below, for a printable PDF file.


Chain Piecing Binding and Jelly roll strips

This is a short tutorial illustrating how to chain piece strips of fabric for creating binding or making jelly roll quilt tops. It’s aimed at spatially-challenged sewists (like me!) who have trouble keeping the strips oriented properly.


what would you like to see?

Is there a specific sewing or other technique you’d like a tutorial for? I might be learning right along with you if it’s something I haven’t tried before, but I am willing to write up some instructions with photos. Email me at Janet@BigSkyKnitting.com and let me know what you’re struggling with.