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The Husband Pours a Foundation

The Husband Pours a Foundation

The husband had a concrete pour scheduled for yesterday morning. He was pouring the walls for a duplex, and as the duplex is located right next to our accountant's office, where I had a 10 am meeting, I took some pictures. 

The concrete gets pumped over on a boom:


The husband consults with the boom truck operator (the guy in the yellow gloves), who wears the joystick control for the boom on a box that hangs around his neck:


It is a big boom:


The concrete truck backs up to the boom truck and loads the concrete into the boom truck:


The husband and his crew were done with this pour by the time I finished my meeting with the accountant. They headed over to a different job to finish setting up this slab, which they are pouring this morning:

I had a good meeting with the accountant. We reviewed the construction company numbers for the first half of 2019 and went over projections for the rest of the year. He said, Janet, I do not know why you think you need to check in; your numbers are right on target.That made me happy. I take our finances very seriously and it is nice to get affirmation that I know what I am doing. The husband knows construction and I know numbers and together we make a formidable team. 


I got notification yesterday that my Ravelry store has been deactivated, so that is done and over with. I am hoping to make the new Big Sky Knitting Designs store live next week. I also need to look in to setting up an Etsy store, but that may have to wait until gardening and canning season is over. 

DD#2 is coming home for a visit at the end of next week. The husband is going to replace the heater core in her 2014 Jetta. It started acting erratically back in the spring, but he was dealing with the BMW and we decided that it could wait until the end of the summer. 

Elysian and the kids and I are going to dig up some potatoes this morning. That should be fun. And I found a couple of cucumbers out there yesterday. It is not the avalanche of cukes that we usually get, but it is something. I will be making instant pickles (cucumbers in vinegar) for the husband this week. He loves them. 

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